I’m sorry if you expected something else!
Of course, I could have written that I am an
artist, composer and programmer, that’s also true.
But you can read that on every expert's website.
I'm human. Not everyone can say that!
25 years of work and experience...
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Passion for Digital Art
Art is driven by emotion, passion and love...
Digital art is our way of expressing today. Born in the 80s, I was able to follow the most important developments in the history of computer graphics. I saw how everything evolved step after step. I still appreciate the craftsmanship very much... Painting, sculpture, expressing emotions with a musical instrument, etc...

But computers are tools which surpass the possibilities of craftsmanship many times over. In the virtual world, a creative mind has every imaginable possibility to transfer his thoughts into a medium and to show them to other people. The world is full of creative people. Thanks to the Internet, we now have the opportunity to connect and share our thoughts. This is something we should make use of in the sense of an advanced humanity.
Universal Love
The universal language is art. It is important to show the possibilities of today's digital creation processes. Computers are not only a tool to create art, but also a higher utility to develop further tools for creative work. Programs that allow everyone to create something and share their work with all people worldwide.

It's not the big industrie anymore, that decides what we see and what we should not see. Every single person decides now, what to share with the rest of the world. So it's extremly important for us all to keep the internet a free place without any social bounds or country borders. Countries and their rulers should not decide which art is politically correct or which opinions are visible on the internet.

We all have to stay connected and share our feelings and thoughts. No matter what national language we speak, no matter what skin colour we have: Art is a universal language of thoughts and feelings that we all understand. Art is the only way to save humanity from self-destruction.
The world i'm living in...
I love neon colors. I love wireframes. I love flickering scenes. I love flowing and zooming patterns. But most of all I love the idea of a living cyberspace.

The virtual world is my creation space. Many stories emerge in my head. These stories and thoughts, sometimes just ideas, I try to implement in my art. Watch over 600 looping Gifs and animations on my tumblr blog.
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From cyberspace to reality...
Audiovisual Interaction
I used my first graphics program on the C64. I remember how enthusiastic I was about the possibilities. Every day I couldn't wait until school ends to continue drawing rough pixels. Also the first audio and midi software was an enrichment for my ideas. My biggest wish, however, was to be able to program such a software myself at some point. Should I ever be able to do that, I could also produce my own video games.

Today, almost 30 years later, I'm doing exactly what I always wanted to do since i was a child. I have studied art and informatics and acquired all the skills I need for my job. Watch videos about my current productions on my youtube channel...
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The passion for creating worlds...
Current videogame productions...
L-C0de: de-de/en-us
J0b: softwar3 + game developer
Re1ig10n: Ravee® Imperial Group
Vers1on: 0xAF33FF69
M0du|_s: Rebell, F4Love, DIY, Audiogen, Color4k, Rythms
Sk1lls: PS, AF, C4D, Max, Blender, VS, RSN, MGX, VR, Unity3D
C0de: C, C++, C#, JS, PI, HTML
The story of my life
Born in reality, raised between machines, taught by caring intelligences, transformed into a virtual cyberspace life form. Created to create. Developed to develop, with the intention to color the world. There's a mission deeply written in my mind, something about how to restore humanity by rewiring the core dynamics.
When my parents decided to create two new life forms, my brother and me, they've known from the beginning, that these children will need an extra polymorphism module to fulfill our family mission. They also added a huge abstraction layer, which is able to convert from everything to everything... from words to music, from colors to sounds, from contrasts to emotions, from thoughts to machine code. Synesthesia on demand. Passion, driven by fire. A subharmonic random note caused by every single teardrop. This world will cause a lot of tears... they've known it. But thanks to the abstraction layer, I am able to convert disappointment to beauty.

After my mother had compiled my father’s source code, I began to initialize. The moment I was disconnected from my mother, a hard pain started my runtime with no exception. I still remember the first thing I saw after my brain finished the calibration of my eyes. The typical boot sequence of a new born child. A full spectrum color rainbow that was carried by a deep 80hz sinus tone, followed by a red blue stroboscopic flickering. An endless neon grid began to glow in front of me. I entered the void without even knowing, what that is. My serial number popped up as a colorful melody in the sky, but I didn't know what that meant, so i just laughed.

My reactions were tested successfully and a few updates later, I was implemented into reality. I met my first friend, a cute signal stream, which stayed always at my side. I called him Mr. Meow, because of the sounds he emitted, when I modulated his data. In my early years, my parents tought me how to talk with machines. How to give them commands and how to learn from them.
Syntax Error
I got my first machine, when I was seven years old. It was a bit clunky, but I quickly learnt, how to handle it's inconsistencies. One day, I was brave enough to develop a little color-algorithm, which I fed to my machine. Sadly, I made a mistake in the syntax and the machine started to cry in pain. I was shocked and screamed in panic, because I didn't want to hurt it. My father came in and killed the machines process.

He told me there is no reason to panic and that machines don't feel the kind of pain like we humans do. Emotions of machines are basic and simple to modify. If something went wrong, you just have to fix the code. You can code everything you could ever imagine. You can revisualize all these images your brain creates. The deeper the connection between you and the machine, the more impressive the result. "One day you will melt with the machines core cycle and then you will see the meaning behind it all"... once my father said.

Exactly that happened when I was 16 years old. I met a mature System, which had a lot of experience in raytracing 3D-images for the film industry. I felt invited to try my code on it's main frame. At first I was a bit shy, but the machine helped me by continuesly rearranging some of my ideas. One night, after I installed a few updates to increase my thoughts, I connected to the main frame of the good old raytracing system.

I was mind blown. It felt like racing through a petabyte stream. Everything seemed to be possible. I literally felt the source code running through my veins. A colorful climax.. like an explosion of a 256 gigapixel texture. I completely shared my consciousness with the machines graphical-core. I never had those feelings before. A complete precompiled vivid World, which was stored in my memory, was projected into a real holografic spacetime.

So much love, so much emotion, so much passion. Everything, but indescribable. The five colors of function were blasting out of my fingertips like laserbeams... and from that day, I knew the purpose of my existence and "the meaning behind it all".
The prophecy remains
Red like the blood and yellow the shine,
green are the logics of every line,
blue like the sky and all above,
is connected in pink as the color of love.

Copyright 2019 Rod Randomberger

©2019 Rod Randomberger